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Janet Walker Submission

Janet Walker won these tree people that I painted on eBay and now they reside on

her fireplace mantle.  Nice! :D

She likes to make sure they are festive during the holidays!!! Awesome!! :)

Submission from Chibipulse

This fantastic submission from Chibipulse really makes my art cards look HUGE!!!! 

Who needs to buy big art? Just buy a small house, and small art will look big! Haha :D

Thanks this is a great pic!

Submission from Eyestation

Wow! Eyestation is clearly one of my biggest fans! 

I'm taking up so much real estate on his wall, I am very flattered!  Thanks Eye!

P.S. also love the baddass music studio!!!

Goatie Work Display

Goatie Work Display

Goatie has made a game out of his submission...

try to spot all the PoxArt and then click the picture to see the same picture except

with yellow lines to highlight the PoxArt. Thanks Goatie, find the PoxArt Games are fun!

Submission from M & T

This submission is from a couple of my biggest fans who have been around pretty much since

I started selling art online.

Thank you M&T for this wonderful gif!!!  What a great anmiated display, so glowtastic, I love it!

Who knew salt lamps and tasty balls would love PoxArt so much, but I guess I shouldn't be

surprised.  Here's another from M & T, not animated, but similarly as trippy!  Thanks again,

these are wonderful submissions!!!

Submission from M & T

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