Contagiously weird art

  • New auction, and time lapse drawing

    I finished a new piece that is now available for bidding on, on eBay.  It's called "Catch of The Day" and it's a great piece for fisherman and/or ocean lovers.

    Here's a link to the auction: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/192184620905

    Catch Of The Day

    I also recorded my making of it and sped it up 4000% for a time lapse drawing video which I've uploaded to Youtube.  The sounds for this video are ambient beach and harbor sounds... you may want to watch the video when in a meditative mood as it's very relaxing... there is only the occasional boat honking. ;)!  Also make sure to watch the video in HD otherwise the pen details will get lost. You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DZd4td2S9g

  • Spider Kite

    I've got a new eBay auction goin' on. Starts at just $25! It's a pen and ink drawing I did called "Spider Kite".  Have a looksee:


    Spider Kite

  • Spotted Cub Drawing Auction

    I've accidentally stocked up on some drawings and things (I've made a lot of stuff, but I've been neglecting putting them up for sale). I'm going to try to sell some of these works on eBay in the coming couple of weeks.  I'm starting off with a small drawing that is super cute!  A spotted cub. Keep your eyes peeled if you like to buy my originals because I plan to release more shortly, but as always they'll span quite a range of subject... so if you like this one... gettums onto the biddings on my eBay auction!


    Spotted Cub

  • NEW! Bird Dreams - Plumage Zine

    Guess what!? I have a zine for sale now!

    It's called "Bird Dreams - Plumage" I have it in a standard edition and a very limited edition of only 20 which also includes a print set version of the zine and two wearable paper bow ties!

    Bird Dreams - Plumage - Limited Edition

    Now gettums yerself to buyin' this zine to help cure yer boredom

    and maybe you should splurge on a limited edition version so you can look sharp at the next fancy event you attend!

  • The Darkening Scale - The Entomology of Sound - Now Available at Klanggalerie!

    I am happy to announce an album that I did the art for, The Darkening Scale - The Entomology of Sound is now available for purchase at Klanggalerie!

    The Entomology of Sound

    Get a copy while you can.

    And coming to PoxShop soon.... Bird Dreams - Plumage (an art zine)!

    Plumage by Poxdd

  • New Original - Pollen Dance

    I've added a new original artwork! This is one we used for labels for my husbands hibiscus mead.... so it's somewhat hibiscus themed.  He's trying to impress you with his pollen dance!  If you are impressed, you may want to consider buying this original artwork, it's now available!

    Pollen Dance

  • Check Out The Patron Gallery!

    I've got a few submissions in the Patron Gallery now.   Such fun pictures, I LOVE seeing these kinds of pictures!  It is a great feeling to know people are enjoying my art that they've acquired. Take a look at the submissions so far, and please submit your own too if you can!

  • Flower Power Original... and no new prints for a while.

    We used this drawing I did to label one of my husbands meads (no you can't have any, we don't sell it, it's just a hobby)....   So that's why the particular flower combo.  It's a pungent beverage!  At the tasting we had for it, people were torn about this particular mead flavor, some liked it... others not so much... but everybody loved the art.   Now you have a chance to own the art and love it on your wall!

    Flower Power Drawing


    Besides art cards, I'm going to stop doing prints of my art for a while.  That includes any reprints of any of the prints I have available right now.  I don't keep a lot of the really nice reproduction quality prints on hand because they are expensive to get made, so get them while you can because you will likely never be able to get one again!

  • New Renaldo & The Loaf Stickers!

    Hi there all my R&TL and poxart fans! Now... for the price of a hambu or a couple of hodos, you can get a Renaldo & The Loaf - Gurdy Hurding sticker set!

    I made them in both a black on clear version:

    and a color on white version:

    Color Sticker Set

    It's a little bit cheaper to buy both.

    I'm giving bulk discounts on these stickers because you know once you stick them to your filing cabinet (or whatever) that's when you'll realize you really would have rather had them on your camping trailer (or whatever). You'll need some to stick on various things. Also you may want to buy some to save for future sticking... I don't plan on doing a reprint.

    Also a cool feature, these stickers are trading card size so they fit great in any sort of trading card display or holders.Trading Card Size

    At the moment you can also get them in a bundle with mini posters and save a few bucks.

    MiniPosters and Stickers Bundle

    Remember... Renaldo and Ted get a % of every sale!  So show your appreciation and encouragement by buying and enjoying these fabulous items!

    If you don't have the album.... what's wrong with you?! This is one of the best albums ever... buy the album and buy my matching merch.

  • Renaldo & The Loaf Mini Posters

    Renaldo & The Loaf - Gurdy Hurding mini posters have arrived!  11" X 14" in size, they seem substantial, yet are modestly sized for displaying in smaller areas. I'm selling them as a set only, you get all 4 prints for $20+shipping!

    Mini Poster Set


    They're professionally printed on thick card stock and have a matte UV coating to protect the colors. Also they have an official stamp on the back. Add 4 sets of poster strips to your order and you'll be ready to hang. Large Limited Edition posters you can get here.

    Size Comparison

    You can also get the mini poster in a bundle with the stickers....

    MiniPosters and Stickers Bundle

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